Aug 1, 2012

Photo Shoot

We were blessed to have our dear friends the Everitt's visiting us this summer! Staying true to our tradition of making matching t-shirts and forcing the kids to pose for a photo shoot... here are some of the pics:

Jessica and James

Ethan and Samantha

Samanthan, Ethan, and Sarah

Carrie and Emmalie

Carrie, Emmalie, and Nelson

And Mollie!



Jul 22, 2012

Emmy Turns Six

Our little girl is growing so fast! Emmalie is now six! 
In keeping with tradition, she really wanted to have her birthday at the campground where Pat's parents have a seasonal site. Swimming and a ride on Bumpa's boat along with family, food and gifts! It doesn't get much better than that! Does just so happens that around her birthday every year is also a big celebration in town with fireworks! What a day! Thanks Nana and Bumpa for making it happen!!!

Here is Emmy with her favorite princess Aurora! 

Emmy got some great gifts! Including a large brown stuffed horse that she sleeps with every night!

I love Mollies face in this one! A Hello Kitty watch!!!

She got some great clothes too, as the oldest girl, she often is in need of clothing!

I think this may be the year of ice cream cakes! This time with cookie flowers and sprinkles, yes one is missing in this pic???

Happy Birthday to our lovely little girl who is growing into such a fun person to be around!
We love you!!!

Jul 7, 2012

Nerf Battle 2012 and Ethan's 10th Birthday

Our Ethan turned double digits this summer and with it the biggest birthday party yet! This battle/party had been in the works for months! James and Ethan are very much into Nerf and were begging to have a bunch of kids over for a full blown Nerf battle. So we decided to go ahead with it for Ethan's birthday party. We had four teams each with an adult leader. Each team started out by going to one of four stations; face paint, get your gear, rules, and creating a team flag. Once trough the stations the teams headed to the woods for 30 minutes to build their forts. Once all teams were back to base camp the battle began! The rules were a capture the flag/treasure hunt type theme, the first team to find the "golden tiki man" and be back to base camp with all members and their flag wins. 

Let the battle begin...
Here is Ethan the warrior!

Going over the rules with the teams.

James' team with their flag.

A little bit of team strategy.

Whenever you were "hit" you had to come to base camp for 1 minute. I was able to get lots of good shots of the kids while there.


Mimi and Papa were brought water balloons to add to the fun! 

 And in the blink of an eye...

a little water fun can turn into... WATER FIGHT!!!

After the battle was over we all gathered around for cake!

Ethan got lots of awesome gifts! Thanks goes out  to everyone who made his 10th birthday the best one yet!
Happy Birthday Ethan!
We love you!!!

May 26, 2012

Mollie Turns 4

Our baby girl turned 4 this spring! Here are some pic's from her big day:

 We decided to feed her healthy love of sweeping with her very own Mollie sized broom.

 The Cupcakes!

Our little ballerina also received a new dancing dress.
Happy Birthday Mollie!
We love you!!!