Dec 9, 2009

Snow Day Breakfast

Just when you think the white stuff is never going to come... you wake up to a winter wonderland! Today was one of those days! This is only our second snow storm of the year and the first was on a Saturday night into Sunday which meant no frolicking in the snow when the kids woke up... we had to get ready for church!

So today we decided to make a fun snow day breakfast! I thought snow flake pancakes would be just right, here is how we made them:

We started with our favorite pancake recipe. Then using a quart size resealable bag opened it up and placed one corner into a tall glass.

Then we filled the baggie with the pancake batter and sealed it up. Next snip a small piece of corner off of the bag, and I repeat small... starting small and then snipping a little more is better than snipping too much and having your batter run out all over the place! This baggie method also works great for chocolate drizzle and frosting!!

Then be creative and make snowflakes!

Dusting them with powdered sugar for the full effect is a must!!!

Snowmen are fun too!

James even made a reindeer! I thought it came out so good!!!


  1. Love it... we made snowmen that other morning too... but not because it was snowing, just cold and dreary outside.

  2. Wow so much fun. I will have to try this one.