Dec 9, 2009

First Snow Camera Fun

We woke up to snow on Sunday morning! I was feeling like I really didn't care if the snow came this year but then seeing it covering everything and making the world look so beautiful and fresh I changed my mind =;) I had to snap a few pics with Bill's camera (my father in law let me borrow his Nikon D50 while taking my camera class!)

I love how the snow clings to all the branches! It won't last long with blue sky like that!
We only got a few inches but it was enough to cover everything!

We learned about how clouds add interest to your pics, I thought these clouds were interesting... how about you???

These are actually out of order, if you can tell by the light in the next two it was earlier in the morning when I snapped these.

Oops... deck furniture in the snow!!!


  1. Your pictures are great!!! I want to be there!!

  2. You class is paying off. Pics look great. It helps that snow like this is so pretty.