May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday 2 Mollie!!

Happy Birthday 2 you our little Mollie girl! It's hard to believe you are two already and yet you are very much still our baby girl! Although some days it does not seem possible that you are not older than two the way you chatter away in full sentences and then say"right mama?" like you need to make sure we understand all that you said! We love you so much and could not imagin our lives without your sweet smile everyday!

We started off celebrating Mollie turning two a little early this year with a small party after dinner at Nana Richardson's last Sunday. Early because Mimi and Papa were off to St. John for their annual vacation.
The cake did not come out as expected! Building a tower of cupcakes is not as easy as it looks! I really wanted to make Mollie the birthday tower in Hello Cupcake!, but they do not tell you that all your cupcakes must be almost flat and exactly the same size and your frosting like glue or it will slide and cave in!!! Oh well...Mollie still liked it! The look on her face as everyone was singing to her was priceless! She was very excited!!!

We tried to get her to blow the candles out by she ended up needing help from the big kids.

Not sure what this face is all about but she seems to be saying,
"What!? I'm 2! I'm still allowed to make messes aren't I?"

Mollie had a blast opening gifts! When she got a new outfit she would hold it up and everyone would cheer! She thought it was great!! It's ironic that on this same day we were also remembering my Pappy (James Richardson) who has been gone for ten years that very day. He seems to be sharing the day with us in these pics watching the whole scene!

Happy Birthday and we love you Mollie!
(and miss you Pap!)


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We can't wait to come and see you this summer....tell your mom that the cupcake tower is cute and that it is how much you liked it that matters!! Love ya!

  2. Happy b-day Mollie Micbutter.