May 2, 2010

Daddy's a Fireman...again!

Pat enjoyed being on the fire department back when James was a baby and we lived ACROSS the street from the station in Conway. But due to his work schedule changing and our growing family he just couldn't make it to any calls. Now with his new job on the road crew in Jackson he has decided to join the Jackson fire department!

So the other night we decided to take the kids for the first ice cream of the season at Dairy Queen and a moose hunt in the Notch! As I was inside getting ice cream Pat's scanner goes off and tones Jackson fire to an accident! Of course when I get into the van with our ice cream he informs me that a tone went out and since we are just down the road he would really like to go to get some hands on experience!

So much for our family night!

We end up driving to the scene (looking for moose on the way) and parking on the side of the road with several other people who had arrived at the scene to help. The kids and I sat in the van and watched from a distance, it was nerve racking and exciting at the same time not knowing what was going on.

The kids loved watching all the lights and the trucks so they were pretty entertained most of the time.
A night we will not soon forget!

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