Apr 28, 2010

A Snowy Spring Day!

We woke up to this sight:

SNOW on baby Maple leaves! A sight I do not think I have ever witnessed before!!

We had a good inch or two by the time it stopped.

Our gardens didn't seem to mind it too much! The Day Lily's still looked fresh and alive!

This little Pansy peeked it's way through the snow!

Hopefully everything will be fine! The snow was gone by the afternoon and I even think I saw a ray of sun!


  1. Pretty pics. But sadly we still have snow here. I can wait for more sun to chase it away.

  2. Snow here as well. I couldn't even get out of my house. Hannah had to go through the window and shovel the porch first. I knew the warm weather was too good to be true. I hope my garden fairs as well as yours.