May 6, 2010

A Chick Field Trip and Coop Update

We took a few of the chicks on a short field trip the other day to the yard!

The kids had a blast chasing them around and finding bugs for them to eat!

The boys thought the chicks would like the sandbox so that they could take little dust baths! It turned out they liked pecking in the grass better!!

Mollie thought it was great to grab one and take off every time I turned my head!!!

The coop is coming along nicely! Pat built the frame one day and then put the siding and roof on another day.

The chicks future door to their outside run.

Daddy working on the siding.

The roof went on next and then later that week came the door.

The finished (well, almost) coop! Finished enough to move the chicks in with their heat lamp for warmth. They were running a muck in the unfinished room and needed a new area anyway. The kids would continually wake up thinking there were squirrels chasing the chicks through the upstairs room with all the racket they heard coming from above! They were really just running around (pooping everywhere) and pecking everything in sight!!!
It still needs paint, a couple of windows, the chicken door walkway, and an outside area to safely run around in. The kids are now enjoying checking on them and watching them as usual only without stepping on chick poo!

There is a two foot walk way on one side so we can go in and take care of them without letting them escape out the door! It also provides a place to keep supplies.

The view of the chicks new area.

Emmy peaking in the chicken door.

We will post more pics as the coop is being finished.


  1. Wow what a nice new home! Great idea putting in the walk way inside... I can only imagine how many times they would escape if you didn't do that! I also LOVE the new picture... wait till you see mine ( I think that great minds think alike!!)

  2. Looks great! I am sure the chickens are as happy in their new home as you are to have them out of yours.