Oct 28, 2009

Photography Homework Week 2

This is most likely going to be very boring for most of my family and friends but here is my photography home work from week 2 of class.

We spent some time learning about depth of field (also know as aperture or f-stop), this assignment was to take some pics of a fixed object positioned with depth behind it then use different aperture settings to see how it effects the look of the photo.

The subject of my photo's is the chocolate chip pumpkin muffins we made for breakfast! The pumpkin was about a foot behind and the wall about 10 ft.
This pic was taken in portrait mode:

close-up mode:

landscape mode:

sport mode:

manner/museum mode:

text mode:
Then I switched the camera over to manual just for fun!
f-stop 2.8

f-stop 4.8

f-stop 8.0
We also learned how shutter speed effects the look of the photo. This next assignment is to take photo's of a moving object (what better subject than the kids!) using different shutter speeds.

This pic was taken in sport mode or a fast shutter speed:

They were caught in mid air in portrait mode:

night portrait mode:

panning mode:

landscape mode:

I also found these photography tutorials on a couple of my favorite blogs! Check them out below:

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