Oct 28, 2009

Mollie's Coat

I hopped on to Muria's blog the other day looking for baby news and noticed her sister-in-law Sarah had some new pic's of their little girl (who happens to be a Molly only spelled with a "y" and only two months older than ours). I thought I was seeing a double of our little munchkin at first when I saw her Molly in the same exact coat as ours! Sarah later informed me that the coat is from NH and was given to her from Muria! Too funny!! So anyway here are the pics of our Mollie in her cute little fall coat, check out the link at the bottom for pics of their Molly! They look surprisingly similar!!

Check out this link to see the "other" Molly in her matching coat!


  1. So cute... I checked out Sarah's blog as well and smiled at the matching outfits... cute girls!!