Oct 1, 2009

Auntie Jenn's Wedding

Saturday was Auntie Jenn and (Uncle) Dan's wedding! It was such an exciting day! Emmy was chosen to be the flower girl! We spent the morning turning her into a little princess and getting the rest of the family dressed and ready. Then it was off to the ceremony, we met in the foyer of the hotel and took a bunch of pics there. I love how Emmy's dress matched Jenn's beautiful gown with the brown sash tied around the waist!
Emmy was a little unsure of all that was going on! You can tell she wasn't really in her element during these pics.
Nana and Emmy! Nana was the maid of honor, she looked very elegant in her brown gown!
The bride and the maid of honor.
James, Ethan, and Emmy posing with Auntie Jenn.
This one is a little goofy I know, but still cute!
Zack, Auntie, and Nathan. The kids gained and uncle and two cousins that day!!

The day was a perfectly beautiful fall day with blue sky as far as you could see and just the right temps! Here the groom awaits his bride!

Mollie decided to make a few calls during the ceremony!

Emmy was a little shy so she walked the aisle with Nana!
Here comes the bride!
Bumpa giving Auntie away!
The ceremony.
Auntie Jenn's beautiful bouquet! This was so perfect that it didn't even look real!!
Here are a few pics from after the ceremony.

We also took a few family pics at the gazebo while waiting for the bridal party to take their pictures!
In this one we put Mimi in the middle while Papa took the pic!
And then it was Papa's turn in the pic! Can you guess who's missing?
We tried to get some good shots of the kids together but they were not as cooperative as I would have hoped! These are the few that came out the best:
Just the girls!
Emmy the little princess in black and white.
Just the boys! I actually bought the purple striped tie for Pat to wear but it didn't match his shirt just right and so I had a brain storm during the night before the wedding that I would cut the tie in half and make two smaller ties for the boys! They came out pretty good...maybe a tutorial some day???
Mollie decided to take over where Emmy left off with the flower girl job!
Zack, Ethan and Nathan waiting for the reception to start.
Mollie had a seat on the floor and check out her celery stick while waiting!
Emmy joined Nana and Bumpa as the bridal party was announced.

Bumpa and the girls!
The cake was beautiful and yummy too!!

Ethan hit it off with Auntie Jenn's brides maid Rita! The two of them became good friends!!
Nana and James.
Smile everyone!
The dance floor was a big hit with the kids! They had tons of fun busting a move or two with the adults!! Rita was super sweet to dance with Ethan over and over and over...
Mollie and Nana.
Auntie and the kids.

James was too cute dancing with his sis! What a good big bro!!
Bride and Groom dance!

Daddy and daughter dance!
Ethan was hilarious on the dance floor! James snapped this one of him doing the...umm...I'm really not sure what to call it but check out the video below for some funny dance moves!

It was such a nice day and everything seemed to go so well! The food was great, the kids did really well and we got to spend time with family and friends...what more could you ask for!

Congratulations Jenn and Dan!!!

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  1. Wow, everything looks beautiful and elegant. I love the brown, I never would have thought brown could look so amazing! The kids look so cute and I love the tie (im impressed). I am so glad you guys had such a nice day. And the answer is... Pat is missing!