Oct 2, 2009

Corn Dog Mini Muffins Recipe

When I saw this recipe I immediately thought of James who seems to have some fascination with corn dogs! I have no idea how this came to be because we never have corn dogs as a family! Anyway these little guys looked and sounded yummy! And it is an easy and different idea for hot lunches, which are sounding more and more appealing this time of year!

This is where we originally saw the idea: Click Here !

I used a different corn bread/muffin recipe (we like the one on the back of the Hodgson Mill Old fashion Corn Meal bag) and it made 24 mini muffins and 6 regular muffins!

Here is James chowing down his mini corn dog muffins! I know he looks a little sick in this pic but he really did love them and chowed down 6 or 8 of them...I lost count!

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