Sep 28, 2009

Pat's Fishing Trip

Here are the Camp pics. My friend Dan Smith and I went up to my camp to do some 4-wheeling and fishing. Had a great time and caught a bunch of fish.

Dans wall mounter. It's at least 4 inches.
This was a small mud hole on our way up Washington Bald Mt.
A shot from behind.
We found this outhouse at a camping spot. It doesn't hold a torch to ours back at camp. We have a two holer with walls and a door.
This pic is out of order. We both made it through the brook. This is my happy face.
We thought we should try to cross this brook. Those timbers are the old bridge that is no more.
Dan, blazing the trail.
Up wasn't so easy.
Here I go. This was the easy part down.
The CHUB no one likes them but there fun to catch!!
I think this is our first fishing hole we tried we got a couple of nice ones.
I got this shot of a nice brookie. I bagged this one.
My friend Dan Smith with a prize brookie.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun Pat. Now it's Liz's turn... I think she should come to my house for her little vacation!!!!