May 2, 2009

Tire Swing Fun

Pat surprised the kids the other day by hanging a tire swing in the big oak tree next to their swing set. We had built the frame for a tire swing addition to their swing set a couple of years ago but have never set it up. This year we decided we needed to put in at least two more swings so there wouldn't be any fighting and they could all play on the swings together! Thus the tire swing ended up in the tree.

Here are a few videos he took with his phone. (Yay! We figured out how to get pics from the phone!!! Although they are not as good as the camera :-)

Here is Ethan flying high, you can tell "Mom" is not around for this because I would have been freaking out!

Here is James and "my head is falling off":

Again you can tell "Mom" is not here when Ethan is spinning and screaming "stop me now!"

Here are all the kids on the existing swings, hopfully we will have a couple more by Ethan's B-day!

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  1. You are deffinatly going to need more swings before the Everitt family gets there!! The tire swing looks like so much fun!