May 4, 2009

Finally some pics from Karate!

The boys have been taking a six week karate class with the Homeschool group that focused on self defence. They both had a great time! Here are some pics:
First they start out with a warm up.

And stretching of course!

Here they are doing some jumping jacks, I love how Maverick is in the air when I snapped this one!!!

The boys need some real practice at push-ups (although I was never good at them either!)

Now for some action!

The intensity on their faces is so cool, they were really having a blast!

Here is a close up of James getting ready for a kick, you could tell James really enjoyed the class and he did a good job listening to how each kick and punch was formed because he would come home and tell me in detail how it was done!
Ethan on the other hand needed a little more encouragement! I think he liked looking at himself and the other kids in the mirror!
I love the action photos! Go Ethan!!

I really like this one of the class in the mirror!
A nice group photo:
The whole group in "karate stance"(??I think that's what they call it)

Our instructors (Selena and Sean) were awesome! Thanks so much for giving your time to do this class for the group. Our boys would probably never have had this opportunity if you hadn't!!!

And finally some floor wrestling demonstration:
You guys are too cute!

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  1. Its been super fun. And thanks for not posting the video of me kicking my husbands behind on the internet. Hheheheheheheehh