Apr 28, 2009

Earl Family Farm Field Trip

Last Friday we took a field trip with the Little Explorers to the Earl Family Farm and learned all about farming with a Tin Mountain instructor. The class was great and we loved the animals! The chickens were the first thing we visited, the kids all got a turn to go into the hen house and see them sitting on the eggs and even caught some laying in action!
The next creature we got to study up close was this little garden snake. Him and his Mommy (who was much bigger!!!) were hanging out in the sun by the little frog pond.

It is a good thing Daddy was not on this trip (no snakes for him)!!
James and Ethan posing for a pic with their good buddy Caleb and the Ram who was under quarantine (you know...spring time and all).
Here is Emmy coming out of the greenhouse where they they have all of their organic veggies and flowers growing.

Here I tried to focus on the lambs but I got the fence instead! Can someone please give me a lesson on how to focus on the background???

The same happened here but I though it was too cute not to post.

Next we got to see one of the employees feed this little lamb with a bottle! It was so cute!!

Here he is afterward with his little belly full and just hanging out in her lap enjoying all the attention.
Emmy checking out more sheep.

James was giving them little bits of hay they couldn't reach through the fence.

Here are the kids with Maverick posing for one last pic before we headed home. Definitely a fun place to visit and we can't wait to return.

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  1. It was a great trip, and your pics are great. Just think with the new tractor on the "farm" you can start collecting your farm animals. Next year we can take a trip to the Kelley Family Organic Farm.