May 25, 2009

More Mountain Top Music Fun!

This week the kids learned about the drums! Again the class was well done and the instructor was great! He taught the kids all about beats and notes and then had them tap out a rhythm with their hands and feet while counting the notes out loud. Once they got the hang of the rhythm he let them give it a try on the drum set. Ethan was thrilled, (as you can imagine) here he is taking his turn:

And a short video too:

James got to bang out a rhythm on the bongos! I don't think he was as into it as Ethan but he did a great job! That's Elijah in the back on the drum set!
He wanted them to do their assigned rhythm and stay together! I was very impressed at how well all the kids did. I don't think I could have been a drum player!!

Here the kids are waiting patiently for their turn!
Oh did I say patiently.......all except for Ethan who was being silly with his buddy sitting next to him!
When Ethan saw James on the bongos he just had to have his turn!

And for everyone who is wondering NO I did not get a turn this time either but like I said I don't think I could have been a drum player! The girls and I sat up front and tapped out the beats. Emmy was not feeling well so she was in my lap the whole time!

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  1. Fun times...are the boys going to play someting in the future?