May 25, 2009

Fun at White Lake

We hit the beach at White Lake on Thursday with the homeschoolers! They have two new playgrounds and the weather was great!! Here are some pics:

Let me out!!!

James posing on the playground.

The kids even went IN the water which I was not prepared for as you can see they are not in swim suits and I had no towels (thanks Elizabeth for letting us borrow one). I guessed they would get wet and brought a change of clothes but swimming??? Burrrrrrrrr!!! It is still May, and it was freezing even for the feet, maybe I'm just getting old?

Emmy had a blast and luckily the cute little shirt that she got from Auntie Sarah for Christmas worked well for a swim suit!
Mollie was a little unsure but DID get wet (and didn't like it) which is why you see a clothing change in the next pics of her!

Ethan and his pals playing under the playground.

This was an attempt to get them to pose for a pic together but they just wanted to play!

James and Maverick!

Emmy girl, not looking, but cute!

Here comes Mollie! She wants a chance on the big kid slides too!
Emmy up on the bridge!
Again, trying to focus on Ethan but getting the bars...oooooops, sorry Ethan!
Looking down on James!

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  1. We can't wait to play on the new play ground!! Everyone looks happy and seems to be having a great time... we will enjoy the water when it is a little warmer!!