May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Yard Sale

Saturday was the day of our yard sale, we joined up with Pat's sister Jenn and had a great day! My sister even came and set up a table for a few hours. The kids did a lemonade stand with their soon to be cousins and sold cookies and bars (thanks to Auntie Jenn). Here are some pics from our day:

Here the kids are posing together for some pics!

A view of the set-up
James and Loyal manning the stand!
We even had lots of visitors! Between family and friends stopping by to see my Mom and Dad (who had just arrived home that morning at 4:30am from St. John) and others who were just out yard sailing there was lots of visiting going on!!
Pastor Henry and Miss Sherry along with Aunt Joan chatting with Pat.

The bugs were definitely out! Here you can see James and my Mom swatting the black flies!!

Here is James crashing in the tarp at the end of the sale!


  1. Bugs, yuck... that is one (more like a billion) thing that we do not miss... No black flies here. Welcome back to your parents. Hope you made some good money, or at least got rid of some stuff!!

  2. Looks like you all had fun. I should of set up with you. Oh well next year, yes I mean next year. I am yard saled out.