May 28, 2009

Some Pics From the Basin

Pat was off from work on Monday so we decided to go for a family bike ride.
As you can see from this pic it didn't start out so well! We loaded up the bike rack and set off to Franconia Notch knowing there was a paved bike trail over there and wanting to do something different. But...this tire on Pat's bike was too close to the exhaust pipe on the van! Going up over the Kanc we started to smell a funny smell and then heard a loud "pop". We pulled over and got out to see the tire smoking and a hole blown in the side!! Pat pulled the tire off and we continued over the Kanc in hopes of finding a bike shop that was not going to charge us an arm and a leg to fix this tire! We found one in Lincoln and when the tire and tube was replaced and mounted they charged us a fair price of $29! We thought is was going to be much higher because the bike shop was very pricey and we had not clue about replacing tires!
Finally we got there and started off only to realize the bike trail was full of hills (surprise, surprise this is New Hampshire!), and that we were way too out of shape to be peddling up them! Mollie screamed most of the way (she hadn't been feeling great) unless she had something to eat so we had to keep stopping and giving her more snacks! Once we got to the next rest area we unloaded the kids and Pat went back alone to get the van.
The kids and I had a rest and a snack, here is Emmy and Ethan munching on the side of the trail:
We then set off to explore the Basin while we waited for Daddy to return. This was an under pass that the kids had fun shouting in and making echos!
A cool rock to climb on:
At the Basin:
We chatted a lot about how the water had formed this over time!
I made them pose for some pics:

We found a cool tree growing out over the river:

All in all it was a fun day, next time we will stick to FLAT bike trails only!

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  1. Life it seems never goes quite the way you plan, and with a bunch of kids it is never boring!! Sounds like you had a crazy time, but some fun!! I love the pics of the kids and can't wait to see them!