Dec 15, 2008

Making Kites

We decide to try a kite making project for our study on Ancient China since they are the ones who invented kites! I found lots of good sites about kite making but they all needed string and the only thin string I could think of in the house was fishing line which was too thin. So I looked a litte more and found a site with a really easy kite made from just one sheet of paper, a BBQ skewer, and marking tape for the tail. We would need string to fly it but since it is not kite flying season we could wait until I picked some up.

Here is Ethan working on the folds.

We then used clear packing tape to hold the folds in place.

Our new computer (an early Christmas gift, thanks Dad and Mom!!!) came in really handy when doing this because we could look at the directions right on the screen while working instead of having to print it all out or write it down.

If it looks weird our bubble screen saver had come on when I took this!

Ethan made a cool chinese dragon for his kite. We still need to put the tail on because Daddy was bringing us marking tape home from work when we made these. I think we will hang them from the ceiling in the school room for decoration untill a nice windy day!

Check out this cool site on making a really easy kite:
20 Kids, 20 Kites, 20 Minutes!

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