Dec 17, 2008


The boys caught a mouse in a cheese-it's box after a long steak out and help from the cat! We had decided to keep it for a few days and made a home for it from the recycling bin.
He (or she???) wouldn't let me get a good pic.
Unfortunatly when I came home from the grocery store the boys informed me he had escaped and had ran into the basement, but all was well because they had set traps! I was not impressed that they had let it go and when I went into the basement I found Cheese-it and other boxes from the recycling bin all around the floor with little cans of food (we were feeding it bird seed) in them for the mouse!! I was not impressed about that either but more because their daddy was on duty and had no idea what they were doing in the basement!!!
This morning the cat looks like she might have found it hiding behind the bookshelf in the school room. She is a good mouse catcher so I'm sure he'll turn up again!

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