Dec 11, 2008

Little Explorers Chistmas Party

This years Christmas Party was a blast! There was yummy food, the meatballs were great! The best was the desserts, I tried them all and my favorite was the bars made by Maggie and Mrs. Gormley.

Caleb and I had fun together, here we are playing a game where we had to guess what the person was drawing and it had to be something about Chistmas.

Emmy got into the dry erase markers and had it all over her face!

We had lots of fun playing musical chairs, I was going wacky when the grown up's were playing because I wanted my Mom and Dad to win.

We also had our first Rescue Hero meeting. It was alot of fun because we made our pledge and decided who was going to do which job. If you want to be on our team call me.

-By: James Kelley
Age 8

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