Jun 7, 2011

Sheep and a Schoolhouse

We had a fun visit to a nearby farm in Tamworth NH called Schoolhouse Farm. They raise Icelandic sheep, a breed known to be triple purpose, wool, meat, and milk! The seep had been shorn a couple months ago to make way for kidding. There 18 lambs born this season!

This was as close as I could get with my phone camera so you cannot see the curly long wool on these beautiful sheep. Check out the link to the farm above to see more sheep pics. The wool actually gets really long almost touching the ground before being shorn.

We also got a tour of the farms namesake, the old schoolhouse. It was so neat to go inside a schoolhouse untouched and as it was long ago.

This was what you saw as you walked in the front door. So cute!! And the map was so neat!!! It was of Carroll County and some of the old hotels and stores were pictured around it.

The kids, not really ever having sat at a real school desk had lots of fun pretending!
There were only two little desks so the little kids piled their chairs around both sides of this one. No electricity and no lights made this photo with my phone a little dark but fun!
There was also a frog/swimming pond, a barn that was solar powered and the beautiful farm house to check out too. The kids had a great time with their pals as you can see from these sweet pics of friendship.

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