Jun 15, 2011

Ethan Turns 9!

Our little Ethan turned 9! It's hard to believe he can possibly be that old!! He has grown and changed so much, becoming more and more responsible and always adding some silliness to our days! The day of his birthday was busy with church and working on our families garden project but we took a special afternoon break for some ice cream cake!

It's too funny that two years ago Ethan also requested an ice cream cake and ended up with the same one. It's Auntie Sarah's specialty. HERE is the post from his 7th birthday and the directions on how to make one.

Here is Ethan getting ready to blow out the candles, he used an interesting technique of blowing each candle out separately and not all at once!

Ethan is really in to Star Wars this year. Here he is thanking Papa for some Legos!

This is a little blury but I loved his excited face when he saw the double bladed light saber!!
The day ended with the last gift, a roof for our first greenhouse!

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