Sep 24, 2010

Summer Fun...catching up!

I know I've been a major slacker this summer with keeping our blog updated so here is a jammed packed post full of some fun stuff we did over the summer.

We joined the library summer reading program for one of their weekly activities. This one was on butterflies, dragonflies and other flying insects. After the presentation we were able to make t-shirts on the lawn out back. Here Emmy and Carrie pose with their t's with Mollie and Wally in the background.

Ethan chose bat's for his t-shirt! Black with bat's... such a boy!!

James and his dragonfly shirt.

Mollie and her shirt...created with a little help from Mom:-)

They even gave out popsicles at the end!!

Here the "big kids" were having fun posing for James' camera! I stumbled on them while looking through pics on his camera. I thought they were too fun not to include!

We were able to join the Everitts at Muria's sisters house to see her horses (and other animals too)! It was sooooo hot that day but it didn't stop the kids from having a great time learning about these animals. First it was time for a good brush down.
This was as far as Mollie got! She didn't want anything to to with riding!!

Muria demonstrating how to clean the hooves.

Emmy is looking a little unsure in this pic but she did have fun!

Ethan couldn't wait to get on! He loves being up there!

James' turn!

We took a fun field trip with the homeschoolers to Dole's Orchard in Maine. They must have every kind of fruit you can grow here in New England! We were able to pick raspberries, blueberries and peaches! Yum!!
Here are the kids with our bounty! Mimi and Auntie Sarah (oh and little Benji too) were able to join us and share the delicious tastes of summer!

Also check out pics from our camping trip in Vermont with the Everitts on their blog:
Shelburne Farm

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