Sep 24, 2010

Soccer and Static Hair

James and Ethan started soccer at the Conway Rec. a couple weeks ago.
I snapped a few pics on their first day:

The first couple day's were practice and drills, now the boys will be playing real games on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons if anyone want's to come and cheer them on!
Here is James (in the red shorts) driving the ball up the field.

The boys homeschool pals Thaddeus and Kevin are also playing at the rec this year! They stopped running long enough for me to snap this shot:
While the boys played the girls were having fun on the playground with their friend Eliza! The cold dry air that day sent the girls hair flying as they came down the slide!!
They went down over and over and the hair just kept getting bigger and bigger!

Mollies static personality matches her hair in this photo!!

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