Apr 21, 2010

A chick update: what we've learned in 1 week...

...little chicks grow A LOT in a week!!!

Just kidding! This turkey has been visiting our yard every few days and was in the perfect spot the day we had a SNOW STORM (still trying to get over that) to take a few pics from the window.

They really have grown a lot in a week! This pic is from last week:
...and this week!!!
Look at all the feathers that have come in!!! No more fuzzy little chicks!
Little chicks learn how to fly earlier than I expected! They like to perch on the edge of their little pen (and poop over the side! Yuck!!).
This one likes to perch on the feeder!
The chicks LOVE the pulp from the juicer, and all the kitchen scraps I have given them so far except the broccoli? Do chickens not eat broccoli???
The chicks enjoy their new perch that Pat built for them especially the RI Reds! They seem to like it the most and walk all over it checking the others out like they are the bosses!

The chicks also like to give themselves little dust baths in the sawdust! It is so funny to watch them dig a little hole and fluff the sawdust all over themselves!

The boys seem to have lost a little interest in the chicks but the girls are still obsessed!

They love to hold and play and watch!

This is the site of our future chicken coop! We have gotten a lot of great ideas from this site: Backyard Chickens.com It has tons and tons of pics of coops that others have built!

If you live in an area with lot's of potential predators you should bury your fencing 6-18" into the ground (depending on how difficult it is to dig... Pat said this was as far as he was going to go!).

By nightfall this is what we had!

Stay tuned for more chick updates coming soon!

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  1. Wow, I guess I didn't realize how fast they grow. The pen is really coming along, We can't wait to see it when we come out. I suppose they will be all grown up by then but I am sure the kids will still enjoy them.