Apr 17, 2010

Caged Animals

The hallway was dark as I came out of my room and something caught my eye in Lucy's kennel!

I looked down and two little eye's were peering up at me!

It was James!!!

So I ran to get my camera before he could escape and then the other kids wanted to see what was going on so they all followed me!

Emmy spots him first and she wants in too!

But Lucy gets there first! It is her bed!!

Then they lock Emmy out!
She eventually convinces James to let her in!

Somehow Ethan finds his way in! Now there are 4 IN the kennel!!!!
Mollie thinks it is funny but is not sure she is going in?

It didn't last for long! They then decided being cramped in a hairy dog kennel is not as much fun as it looks and go on to something else.

And just so we are clear on one thing...this was NOT my idea! I was not punishing them for any reason by locking them in the kennel and most likely I won't no matter how tempting it is!!!


  1. Yea sure it wasn't your idea. We know how you are. Actually Rebekah likes to use Beau's cage as a play house. Go figure!

  2. Sure it wasn't your idea!!! (Not that it would have been a bad one!!) Just kidding... keep the pictures coming!

  3. How come you didn't get in?