Jan 21, 2010

Swimming and Snowmen!

We had so much fun at the pool with the homeschoolers the other day! Emmy and Mollie had a fun play date with Nana and the boys and Mom headed to the pool! The most fun was had in the outdoor hot tub!! Here is Ethan and James posing with Danyele and Elijah in the snow with snowballs in swimsuits! How often can you get a pic like that?

In the hot tub they loved making foam beards for the camera!

Looking good James!

Then someone had the idea to build snowmen...

Danyele and her snowman!

Some of these pics look a little blury but it is because of all the steam coming off the hot tub! Here is Ethan with his creation!

These two are getting ready to take a dip!

Most of the gang in the tub!


  1. Oh, memories! Althought I think is was way too cold outside whenever we went to take any time to build snowmen!! Looks like fun though!

  2. i LOVE this!!! we have some pictures like that, too! i need to have you sned me that link for your group again- i must have deleted it- we are always looking for some more fun to do :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Wish we had been there. I need a nana to take my little ones. You are a lucky lady.