Jan 21, 2010

Fun with Bubbles

We had a great time playing with a science kit the other day that the boy's got from Mimi and Papa! It includes an experiment with bubbles which was a ton of fun! When are bubbles not fun though??? The kids spent a long time playing with them after the experiment was done so I snapped some pics!

These were SUPER bubbles so after waiting a few seconds the membrane would harden a little and you could catch and stack the bubbles! How cool!!

This little green wand came with the kit, it mostly made tiny little bubbles but here James is using it for super size ones!

There were tiny little bubbles everywhere! I even found them around the kitchen later on that night!

Sometimes it was harder than others to get the bubble wand to work!

Emmy giving it her best!

You can just barely see the little bubble in this one, good job Em!

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  1. So much fun. I love the first picture and really love the one of Emmy giving it her best!