Nov 18, 2009

Pizza Bites

I LOVE Our Best Bites!! They have so many yummy recipes!!! You must check out their blog to see for yourself, and they have a yummy bread baking cookbook they are giving away right now! Anyway when I saw these tasty looking little pizza bites they reminded me of the pizza rolls the kids really like from the grocery store. I immediately thought they were a must try!! Here are some pic of the kids helping make them, they had lots of fun filling their own little balls of dough and then pinching them together into a ball!

Ethan liked his with just cheese...surprise, surprise!

Emmy went to town with the pepperoni!

Here is James making his dough just right!

Mollie on the other hand just like to eat and smash the dough with the bakers roller, good job Modd!

Our Pizza Bites before the oven...

...and after!


Here is the recipe on Our Best Bites:
Stuffed Pizza Rolls

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