Nov 25, 2009

Diaper Cake Tutorial

After being inspired by tons and tons of pics of these cute "diaper cakes" online I brought it up to my sis and a friend and we decided it would be a fun gift for and upcoming baby shower! I built the "cake" part of it and took pics as I went! Here is how I did it:

Here is what I used to build the basic cake base:
1 box of Pampers Swaddlers size one
1 bottle of sparkling grape juice
fun ribbon
1 large platter

Start out by placing the sparkling juice in the middle of the platter. Then pull out some yarn and form a circle around the bottle about the size you want the base to be. Then start filling it with diapers by taking 3-5 at a time and fanning them in your hands and then wrap them around the bottle. Keep going until it is the size you want and is pretty firm. You may need to adjust the yarn once you get the diapers all the way around.

Then go ahead and start the next layer with the same technique. This time you will want to make the layer a little smaller to get a layered cake look.

Here the second layer is finished.

Then again do the same with the top layer making it a little smaller! We had about 10 diapers leftover and played this game at the shower! Be warned before you check out the link that it is not for those with weak stomachs!!!! It was funny to see peoples faces though!

The little blue thing in the top is a bottle brush that I jammed down into the center. Next is the fun part of decorating the cake! I started out with a couple of wide ribbons with fun patterns!

This is the very simple finished base with only a couple of gift items stuffed inside! Those are burp cloths on the top stuffed in the hole in the middle and then fluffed up a little to make it look nice.

Then my sis and friend came with all the little toys and trinkets to add on! The monkey on the top is a hooded towel, the little booties were added to the top, a great baby grooming kit from Carters were the perfect accessories to stuff in the ribbon all around the cake. Then we stuffed the little bag (from the grooming kit) with cute little onesies! We covered the bottom layer with a soft and fuzzy blanket by folding it into thirds and then pining it in the back! Then we added a couple of cute toys!!
This is the finished cake at the shower!

This is my sis Sarah and friend Crystal getting ready to carry it over to Britt (the new mom) as I took lot's of photo's!

Britt was thrilled with the "cake" she wanted to see all that we had added to it but did not want to take it apart so she could take it home to show her hubby!
We can't wait to meet the baby now! He won't be here until early next year...I wonder how long the diapers will stay in cake form???


  1. Your cake came out so cute!! What a nice gift, I am sure that Britt was so excited to get it!!

  2. I really love the wine bottle idea in the diaper cake.

  3. I love the bottle idea on your diaper cake!