Oct 13, 2009

This Year at the Fryeburg Fair

The kids had a great time at the fair this year! They first of all had a special treat on Monday when Pastor Henry and Miss Sherry took them all around the fair on rides, to Old MacDonald's farm, to the barns and even treated them to fair food! That meant that I had the chance to check out the fair with my Dad and actually sit and watch some of the events!! Thanks so much again for taking them! We went again on Thursday afternoon with Mimi and then met Pat and Papa there later on. Here are some pics of them on the rides Thursday afternoon.
These came out pretty good because the ride was not moving yet!

Ethan love the slide, and was surprised when he almost hit this girl! He jumped right up and got back into line for another ride!

James was not such a big fan and decided not to go on again.

Emmy wasn't tall enough to go on alone so Mimi was nice enough to go on with her!

Ethan was the only one to brave the "roller coaster" he really loved it and wanted to go on again!

Ethan is having fun yelling at this little dog next to him on the carousel.
Mimi got to ride again with Emmy!
Going through the fun house!

Later on when Daddy and Papa got there we spent some time checking out the tractors.
Here is James posing for a pic.
Ethan liked the blue one!
Mollie testing out a Kubota!
Towards the end of the night Mimi and Papa took the kids on the big Ferris Wheel, I couldn't get a good pic of them on the ride so this one was taken after!
Daddy and Mollie hanging with a friendly goat.
Sunday night we always go to the truck pulls! This year we met Auntie Sarah and Uncle Zack and found some good (but cold) seats to watch all the action from.
Mollie was so happy when we finally got her to put on her mittens! She just kept clapping her hands over and over. I think she was over joyed at the fact that her hands were no longer frozen!! On the way home I checked the temp in the car and it was a chilly 48 degrees!
Pig-pile on Uncle Zacky!
Check out these video's of the trucks in action:

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