Sep 11, 2009

Maine Wildlife Park

Sunday afternoon after camping with Nana and Bumpa we headed to Gray, Maine to the Maine Wildlife Park. There we met my mom, which was a surprise to the kids! Here are some pics from our afternoon!

Mimi with Emmy, James and Ethan.

Daddy and Mollie!

The first stop was an educational building with all sorts of activities involving the animals in Maine. Here James is enjoying the furs of different small mammals:

Here Ethan is testing his knowledge with a sorting game:

There were more than 25 species of Maine wildlife! Here is one of the Bobcats: A fisher cat:This one is a little blurry but he is a very LARGE mountain lion!
Posing in the gazebo: We got to feed this bear by tossing food over the top of his pen!
And here are couple of very strange looking bears:
We also took a break and enjoyed some ice cream sandwiches, Mollie had one all to herself which was a special treat because we usually share with her!
There was a big deer yard with lots of does, fawns and a couple of bucks! We even got to feed this one some corn!
Emmy posing in front of the flowers on our way out! Mimi then treated us to Texas Roadhouse in Portland! The ribs there are the best!!!! Thanks Mimi!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What... Texas Roadhouse, without me!! Ok, what I ment to say is it looks like you had a very nice time!

  2. Wow! What a cool trip. I'd never heard of this place. We may have to go check it out. Thanks for sharing.