Sep 11, 2009

Beech Hill Farm and Bison Ranch

On Thursday we went on a field trip with the homeschoolers to the Beech Hill Farm and Bison Ranch in North Waterford Maine. We tagged along with another group from Maine so there ended up being LOTS of homeschoolers! There were about 40 to 50 people in all! First we started out by learning about the Bison and about the farm on their beautiful enclosed sun porch! Here is a photo of some of the kids while listening to the owners talk about their farm:We then went outside to see this cute little 4 month old baby who is actually a twin that was abandoned by his mom so the owners took over care of him and feed him by hand! Here he is anxiously awaiting his milk!He can't get enough of the "white stuff" which is actually goats milk and the owners have to quickly snatch the pail out of the pen when he finished!This is a life size portrait of the big daddy bison Chief! Danyelle and James and posing for a pic:Elijah, Danyelle, James, Hannah and Ethan with "Chief".Next we headed off to the see the big guys! Beckah and Emmy got to enjoy a wagon ride too!This is the real Chief! He is about 2300 pounds!!!
All the kids got to feed the bison apples by rolling them under the electric fence!
Emmy and James posing with one of the smaller bison.Mrs. Jette and Bekah were tired out by the end of the trip and had to be rolled back to the car in the stroller! (Just kidding!-)
A group photo at the end of the day:


  1. What a great day. Their jerky is awesome! I wonder if Doug will let me get a Bison?

  2. Actually the owner said you have to have about 6 bison because they are a herd animal!!! I am thinking you will need a bigger "pasture" for 6!!!! ...and Sheila too, she wanted to stuff one in her van=:)

  3. What a cool place to visit... wish we could have gone with you guys!