Sep 11, 2009

Ethan and Emmy's B-Day Party

Okay, so this really happened way back in July and I've been meaning to post it on our blog but sometimes life just seems to get away from you! So enough of the excuses and on to the party! Ethan and Emmy had a combined birthday party this year so that the Everitts could be a part of it while they were visiting NH.
Ethan wanted a space shuttle cake, it came out so great thanks to Muria who did pretty much all the decorating! Ethan and his cake:
Emmy wanted the princess castle cake! It also came out great!! Thanks again to Muria and my mom for helping too!

Next we hung a pinata from the swing set, here is James giving it his best swing:

Auntie Sarah helped Mollie with her turn!

Emmy sizing up the situation:

Go Ethan!

Here is Ethan opening a gift, obviously a good one!

They also got two new swings and a recycled tire horse for the swing set!
Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts and for coming and spending the afternoon with us!

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