Aug 14, 2009

Summer Fun With the Everitts

My closest friend Muria came with her children form California for a 6 week stay in NH! It was so great to see them and we all had a such a fun time being together again!! We had tons of sleepovers and did lots of fun activities, here are a BUNCH of pics from their visit!

We made these fun matching T-shirts from a project suggestion on the cover of Family Fun magazine, click here for the link to the directions of check out the Everitts blog for how we made them.
This is about as good as it gets, trying to take a pic with all of them looking at the camera at the same time!Jessica and James
Samantha and Ethan
Carrie, Sarah, and Emmalie
Nelson and Mollie

These are some pics from a hike we went on to Sabbaday Falls with the homeschool group:
Carrie and Emmy enjoying the view of the falls, too cute!

Emmy was insistent that she could carry Nelson in the backpack and Muria was nice enough to let here try!

The kiddo's at the top:

Emmy and Carrie hamming it up for the camera:

Muria and I with the little ones in the packs:
The kids had tons of fun just using their imagination and playing together! Here are the "older" kids playing animal rescue!

Muria's sister invited us all over to see her miniature horses and other animals!
Here are some pics:
Thanks to the Everitt's Meme for a yummy snack on the lawn!
Mollie was a little bit afraid to sit on the horse so she helped brush instead.
Emmy had a blast! The little horse was just the right size for her!
As you can see Ethan is almost touching the ground on this little guy!James' turn!

These are some pics of the night we, (I should say Muria and all the kids but Mollie and Nelson) camped out in the yard:
First we had hot dogs on the fire and watermelon!
Here is Mollie making a mess!

Go Nelson!

Jess and James enjoying dinner!

The "little girls" enjoying their watermelon!

Next we did s'mores, yum!

Not sure what she has all over that shirt but I'm guessing it's watermelon!

The kids had a great time sleeping in the tent, thanks Muria!

These were too cute not to include! Rub-a-dub-dub three girls in the tub!

These were taken after swimming on Westons beach, I know it sounds weird but we really did swim on the "beach" was flooded!
A serious pic.

And a silly pic!

Here are some pics of a day at the river:
Mollie, pizza, and the beach??? Not a good mixture!
Jess, Emmy and James on the alligator float!

The whole group at the river!

And Emmy stealing Nelson's hat! Caught in the act!!!

We also went to Lost River with the homeschool group, here are some pics:
Posing for a group photo.
We had lunch when we got there, here are the kids enjoying theirs!

The water falls were great! It had rained so hard the day before that all but 3 caves were closed due to flooding (which was not so great)!!
James and some of the crew in the background.
Samantha and Ethan at the end of the day posing with the rest of the group. I would love to know what he is thinking in this pic!
James, Jess, and Danyelle smiling pretty for the pic. Thanks again to the Everitts for the fun visit! We love you and miss you and can't wait until the next one!!!

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