Jul 22, 2009

Walking in a "Winter" Wonderland

I know it's not really snow but if you had seen the living room you would have been reminded of a winter wonderland! Actually it's baby powder!! On my way out the door my eye caught Emmy playing with it, I asked her not to and to put it away and then proceeded out the door. Five to ten minutes later out came miss Carrie looking like this:

I looked at her and knew exactly what it was! I ran into the house and found Emmy still holding the now empty baby powder container and happily sprinkling it here and there.
This is what the rest of the living room looked like:
And the partners in crime:

Although I not sure Carrie really had anything to do with the mess besides being "in" it!

Nelson as you can see was not in on the fun but did want in on the pic! Pat said he wished some had made it into his boots!!!

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  1. I was there for this crime (hehehe). And it was one of those moments with kids you want to be mad but are to busy laughing. It is so much fun being a parent. So sorry I could not stay to help clean up.