Jul 13, 2009

Fun at the Beach

We have been having all kinds of fun with our friends the Everitt's who are visiting from CA! Here are some pics from a beach day we had at Province Lake.
Sarah, Carrie, and Emmy enjoying the sun!

James and Ethan working hard on a sand castle! Heave-ho Ethan!!!

Mollie had fun with here buddy Nelson splashing, digging, eating...you name it in the sand!

Carrie and Emmy posing for a pic.

Emmy had a great time in the tube with Sarah and Carrie. Meme (the Everitts Meme) entertained the girls by pushing them around in the tube! She had a blast!!
Ethan and Sammy using the Octopus float...which had a hole in the bottom part so only the head filled with air! It didn't work just right but they still had fun.

Jessica, Samantha, and James posing in the water!

And then...as if by magic...what should appear...
...you guessed it, the ice cream truck!
The perfect treat for a hot day at the beach!!
Thanks to the Everitts and "Meme" for inviting us!

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