Jun 23, 2009

Richardson and Eastman Family Reunion

Here are a TON of pics from our reunion last Saturday (the 13th)! It was great to see everyone, we had about 40 people in all! The weather even held off for us, it turned out to be a beautiful day and the spot where Sarah got married last year was the perfect place to hang out and visit with family we see too little!

WARNING:If you are not apart of my family this could be very boring! But if you are I hope you enjoy these!! If you want to save any of these to your computer just right click the picture you want and in the menu that pops up choose "save picture as". If that doesn't work email me and I will try sending you some!

Sarah, Pat, and Donna (aka. sister, husband, and Mom).

Madison, Karen, and Derek.

Aunt Joan, Aunt Linda, and Kendra.

Some pics from the sandbox:
Emmy and James

All the kids (not you Karen!).

I love this one of the girls!

Jennifer and Sean.

Aunt Wanda and Madison.

Doreen and Harry.

Lynn, Joey, and Sarah.

Matt and Kendra.

Nana and Aunt Linda.

Mark, Ethan and Christine.

Aunt Fran, Derek, Maddie, and Uncle Steve.

Aunt Fran (on the right) and her sister Norma and brother in law David all the way from England! They have daughters names Liz and Sarah too!!

Aunt Joan and David (my Dad).

Uncle Noice and Nana.

Sue and Tim.

Liz and Pat =:)
(Wow pics of me!!)
Wow a pic of all of us!!

James, Ethan, and Emmy next to Harry's "hot rod" as the boy's call it. Harry even took them for a spin (Pat too), I think it was the highlight of their day!

A group photo!

Aunt Marylin (in the middle) was visiting all the way from Florida! It was great to see her!! Her friend is to the left and Joey's daughter Crystal to the right.

Uncle Phil, Maddie and Karen.

At the end of the day cousin Marky gave the kids a fun tractor ride across the field to his house for the super fun remote control helicopter! Some how we missed getting pics of the helicopter getting stuck in the tree and them using the tractor bucket to lift people into the branches! It was a little scary and very amusing!

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  1. What a nice reunion. And wow people really traveled far! I really like your family pic... took your advice and saved it to my computer!!