Jun 29, 2009

"Little Lady" Play Date

The big kids (James, Ethan, and Emmy) had a fun overnight at the campground with Nana and Bumpa on Friday and that left Mollie and I to ourselves! We have been trying to get together with little cousin Maddie but things are always busy! This seemed like the perfect time for a play date with the two "little lady's", here are some pics:
Mollie and Maddie on the baby swings!

Maddie was super cute and happy on the swings!

Mollie on the other hand was a little dingy and I thought she was going to go back to sleep a couple of times! I had to wake her up when we got there and I guess she just wasn't ready!!

She snapped out of it after a little while, here the girls are getting ready to try out the slide!

We ended up playing in the grass where it was nice and shady because it was actually really hot and sunny that morning! It was really nice to chat and watch the girls play (together, by themselves as Derek says). Can't wait to do it again!!

1 comment:

  1. Are they matchy-matchy on purpose?! Looks like they had a great time. Nelson can't wait to come and play too, Mollie!