May 14, 2009

Week Two of Music Class

We are taking a five week introduction class at Mountain Top Music where the kids learn about a different instrument each week. Last week we learned about the violin but I forgot my camera! This week was the Cello and it was so much fun! They learn what family it's in, how to hold it, what it sounds like, what it feels like to play, some of the notes, and even a short song. Four at a time the kids get a chance to play the song, here is Ethan's turn:
Here he is checking out the notes.
They even tell the kids what it is like to take lessons, here Ethan is doing an exercise with the bow that is done with younger children in lessons to teach how to hold it.

James was up next.
I also got this short video of Ethan playing the song they learned:

The Mom's even got a turn this time!

All but me! Yes I am pouting about this!! I really wanted to try but I was too slow. The other Mom's even tried to take Mollie for me but by the time I passed her off the seats were filled! Oh well maybe next time =(

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Good job Ethan. I feel for you Liz, I want to try too!