Mar 17, 2009

Homeschool Science

"Ant, ant, ant!!" Emmy shrieked and then ran into the bedroom. I thought she was running away but appeared a second later with the magnified glass! I thought it was too cute not to get some pics of. This one came out a little blurry but still cute!
Then the boys appeared to see what was going on, here they are patiently awaiting their turn!
Mollie then decided to check things out and realized the ant looked to her like something to eat! In this next pic Emmy is holding her back from destroying the scientific research!

Then last night after supper we drove out to the field at the end of our road and watched as the Space Shuttle Discovery flew threw the sky! It was so neat, it looked like a large bright star moving fairly quickly and we even spotted a shooting star fly right in it's path! James brought the telescope he got for Christmas but it was very hard find it so he gave up and looked on with us.

I have no pic of the shuttle because it was dark and my camera never would have been able to capture it anyway, but when we got home the kids wanted to get the space books out.

I love impromptu science class!!

HERE is a link to more info on the Space Shuttle.


  1. Don't you just love these moments? There is so much to learning all around us and our children do a great job of pointing it out. The world is the best classroom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah ANTS... Nelson thinks Mollie had the right idea, he would have eaten it for lunch.