Mar 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Patrick!

I know this is a day late but here is a St. Patty's day birthday post for our awesome Daddy and loving husband!!

Just thought it would be fun to brag a little about Pat and how talented he has become (compared to when we first met he told me he could not hammer a nail!) He has become quite the builder of all sorts of things including several pieces of furniture:
This is the bookshelf he built for the school room. I love it!!

My bedside table (we still need to stain it).

Emmy and Mollie got dolly beds for Christmas.This was a shelf he made for his sisters B-day.
Please don't look to close at the mess.
There are many more projects he has built and more he is working on! It was so nice of him last night (his birthday) he spent a couple of hours fixing Emmy's bed (which was broken during some serious rough housing I think) and replacing the whole side board.
Thanks Daddy we love you!!!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Pat... sorry this is a little beleted. The furniture is so nice, and a great hobby for you to benefit from Liz!