Oct 19, 2008

Cylinder Seals

This week we are studying Ancient Mesopotamia and we learned how they would "sign" their belongings using cylinder seals which were made of stone or ivory. A design or picture was carved into the cylinder and then rolled over soft clay to reveal the design. The original ones were sometimes very intricate but ours were much simpler! The boys laid out their design on a small piece of construction paper using yarn and then we glued them around a TP tube. Here are our seals and the prints they made when we rolled them in paint and then onto paper.

Emmy made her name.

Ethan wanted to make a Ladder Truck, if you look closely you can see the "ladder" pointing up on the back of the truck.

James decided to make a house. He was very disappointed in how it came out and wanted to make another using clay...oops, maybe next time!

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  1. Nice job guys... James I think yours looks great!