Jul 22, 2012

Emmy Turns Six

Our little girl is growing so fast! Emmalie is now six! 
In keeping with tradition, she really wanted to have her birthday at the campground where Pat's parents have a seasonal site. Swimming and a ride on Bumpa's boat along with family, food and gifts! It doesn't get much better than that! Does it...it just so happens that around her birthday every year is also a big celebration in town with fireworks! What a day! Thanks Nana and Bumpa for making it happen!!!

Here is Emmy with her favorite princess Aurora! 

Emmy got some great gifts! Including a large brown stuffed horse that she sleeps with every night!

I love Mollies face in this one! A Hello Kitty watch!!!

She got some great clothes too, as the oldest girl, she often is in need of clothing!

I think this may be the year of ice cream cakes! This time with cookie flowers and sprinkles, yes one is missing in this pic???

Happy Birthday to our lovely little girl who is growing into such a fun person to be around!
We love you!!!

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