Sep 5, 2011

Vermicomposting (AKA Worms)

These pics were taken last spring after visiting the NOFA NH winter conference. There we found a vendor selling "red wigglers" as composting worms. After reading of the value of worm castings (ie. poop) as a natural fertilizer in our gardens and how they can turn your kitchen waste into something of value I knew we wanted to try it for ourselves.

First we researched online and watched some You Tube videos about the subject (there are lots!). Then we found a spare storage tote and went to work. Here James is drilling the holes in the bottom of the tote for drainage. The lid also needs to be done for air flow.

Next we shredded lots of newspaper and added that to the bin... or the floor :-)
Emmy is now adding water to moisten the shredded paper.
Next, in go our red wigglers!

On top of that a little more paper some garden soil and some kitchen scraps. The worms like to stay warm so they spent most of the spring in our kitchen then moved to the shed for the summer and now reside in our basement.
So far our worm bin has multiplied into three bins and we have a big bucket of pure vermicompost to use in our gardening this year! We are thinking of selling our excess worms at our farm stand this summer either as composing worms or as fishing worms???

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  1. Wow, now I know someone who actually tried it. Can the kids mostly take care of the worms? Nice header picture. We've been there too! Beautiful up there.