Jul 19, 2011

Emmalie's Birthday #5

Our little girl turned 5 the other day! How grown up she is! Loosing teeth, riding bikes, and just wanting to hang with the big kids all the time some days makes her seem even older! If anyone has a recipe to make kids stop growing up so fast please let me know!!!

Emmy was blessed by Nana and Bumpa with a special sleepover for her and her sis at the campground where they spend the summer. She was even was able to catch some fireworks in town! The next day we had a little party and she was blessed with some nice clothes, toys and a bike (that came a few weeks ago).

Emmy (along with her Mimi) really like hello kitty and got this cute little shirt which is now her favorite.
Mollie's favorite gift...
Happy 5th Birthday Emmy! We Love YOU!!

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