Jun 16, 2010

Up, up, and away!

We had a great time the other night at the Balloons Over the Valley event in North Conway. There were not a lot of balloons (maybe 6 or 8) but it was a magical experience for the kids who had never seen them!

These first pics were taken on our way there in the fields by our house!
Once we arrived in the park there were three big balloons set up to give tethered rides. We took these photo opportunity's from a picnic table at the train station.
Then came the silly faces!
Next we met up with a couple of celebrity's!

We were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset too! I only wish there had been a balloon in the middle not the traffic light!
We had to wait an hour or so for nightfall when several of the balloons were going to be lit up in the park. So the natural thing to do was of course... have ice cream! Here are our happy and full of energy and ice cream kido's with Dad after enjoying their treat! I opted out of ice cream and decided to have a dessert crepe at Crepe's Ooh La La. Lemon and sugar on a giant crepe! Yum!!

Finally it was time for the "Balloon Glow" that we were anxiously awaiting! Here is a pic before...

...and after they turned on the "power"!

There were four balloons in all! Every few minutes the would count to three and they all would "glow" at the same time! These pics just don't do justice to how pretty they were!

I didn't know at the time of taking these pics that Ethan was actually the one turning the gas on in the checked balloon to the right! A boy about his age asked him if he wanted to hop in the basket with him and light up the balloon!

Soon it was time to pack these giants up! They make it look so easy!! First they let all the air out and lay it on it's side.

Then with a little bit of help they squeeze all the extra air out!

After the air is out everyone holds the balloon as it is stuffed into a giant duffel bag.

Ethan was a little small for this job so he decided to hold it up with his head!

The kids helping also got to periodically jump onto the bag to squeeze out every last bit of air possible!
We had a great time and are now officially hooked on balloons! Mollie and Emmy both say to me each day "can we go see the balloons?"

Here is a list of some Balloon Festivals coming up this summer in New England for any of you who may also be hooked or just want to see them for yourself!

Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival Quechee VT- June 18th-20th

Spirit in America Hot Air Balloon Festival Old Orchard Beach ME- June 24th-27th

Hillsborough Balloon Festival Hillsborough NH July 8th-11th

Stoweflake Balloon Festival Stowe VT- July 9th-11th

Green River Festival Greenville MA- July 17th-18th

Pittsfield NH Hot Air Balloon Rally- August 6th-8th

Great Falls Balloon Festival Lewiston/Auburn ME- August 20th -22nd

Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival Plainville CT- August 28th-30th

Adirondack Balloon Festival Glens Falls NY- September 23rd-26th


  1. we have been to the one in Auburn a few times, i wish we could have been there! it looks like it was an amazing time. i love all of the pictures!!! oh and the sunset photo is beautiful!

  2. It was fun!

    Love Mom