Jun 2, 2010

Snakes and More!

The Snake Guy came to visit the homeschool group the other day and it was such a great experience for the kids to see some of God's more creepy crawly creatures up close! These are pythons! The kids got to pass one of them around and really check it out up close!!

This is one of the smaller pythons, Ethan was a little unsure at first!

He soon warms up! I love the expression on his face in this pic!
Ethan got to hold one of the larger ones around his neck! An experience I am sure he won't forget!! I remember being in a pet shop as a kid and holding a big boa around me! Such a neat experience!
Mollie liked the snakes too! She didn't hold one but enjoyed checking it out and touching it! As you can see James and Emmy are no where to be found... Emmy stayed home with Dad (absolutly not snakes for him) and James was in the back keeping his distance for most of the time! He finally warmed up to them at the end of the show when the battery died!

Mrs. Jette's new name is now "The Snake Lady"! I think he just wanted her sunglasses!!

The Snake Guy didn't just have snakes! There were lizards too!! This is an iguana, I love the color!

A leopard gecko! His color was really neat too, it was much more blue than the camera shows.

Fruitcake was a big hit (no that was not our snack but the name of this big snake!). Fruitcake is an albino boa constrictor.

He was able to show us the snakes teeth and the breathing tube by opening his mouth with this tool.
The kids got to hold the snake by stretching it out and everyone taking a section! Ethan go the tail!

He had two turtles that the kids were able to pass around and check out!

He even brought two scorpions with him! I actually got to have one crawl all over my shirt!! Of course I didn't get a pic of that because I was paralyzed (and didn't have my camera:)

He told us all about how in the desert the search for scorpions at night using a black light. This pic only shows a little bit of the blue color we were seeing! They turn bright blue under the light!!

A very cool show! Thanks to the Snake Guy for sharing and to Sheila for setting this up!

You can also check out more photo's on our homeschool blog.

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  1. Looks like fun. I am adding your blog to my list. I can't wait to see what you are doing with WP. This is our first year using WP.